Copenhagen and Odense

A TV recording and concerts in October

The Who returned to Copenhagen for the third time, almost a year after their first visit. This visit was in fact the first appearances on a Scandinavian tour , starting in Copenhagen on the 20th (They arrived on the 19th) with a TV recording and a concert, and then several Swedish dates ending in Stockholm on the 25th.

The newspapers wrote "Topname to Klar i Studiet", indicating that the Who was quite a catch for this TV-show."Klar i Studiet" translates, not surprisingly, into "Ready in the Studio" since this was clearly the Danish version of the British hit - "Ready, Steady, Go!". The Who was recorded on Thursday the 20th (along with Danish groups such as Hitmakers, Defenders and Otto Brandenburg etc.) The Who hadn't bothered to even bring their own instruments to the show, since they were only going to lip-synch anyway, to their latest hit "I'm a Boy", this resulted in them having to borrow instruments from Swedish band "Tages". Tages was printed right across the only bass drum, which is evident on the test run pictures, but this was corrected on the final recording.

The show was broadcast on Saturday the 22nd, but, sadly, no copies of this show exist today. At least, nothing could be found when I asked Danish TV about it, and no copies exist with Who fans to my knowledge, so it's quite possible that the tapes were wiped.

Journalists Helle Hellman and Carsten Grolin hosted the TV-show. Helle Hellman wrote about her recollections of the event in the following article for Danish teen magazine "BEAT".


According to roadmanager Ole Kjeld Johansen, Keith Moon jumped up and grabbed hold of one of the water pipes that was running accross the ceiling of the dressing room. The pipe, of course, wasn't made to have the weight of monkeyman Keith Moon upon it, so it broke. The water, coming out of the pipe, quickly flooded the dressing room floor, and the fire squad had to be called to turn off the water, and drain the floor.

There was quite some damage on the sports arena floor too, from the concert audience, and when the Who wanted to return to Denmark in 1967, and there were certainly people who wanted to see them, there was nobody who could book a concert hall for them. The Who was just too expensive when compared to the money the promoter had to insure for the concert arena. The Who wouldn't return to Denmark until in 1970, and then, funnily enough, to perform in an opera house!

Svante Börjesson