Concert Info


Roger Daltrey : Harmonica, Vocals
John Entwistle : Vocals, Bass
Kenney Jones : Drums
Pete Townshend : Vocals, Guitar
John Bundrick : Keyboards
Reg Brooks: Trombone
Howie Casey: Saxofone
Dave Caswell: Brass Section

Record and DVD

The Who

Sat, 15 December 1979:

New Haven, CT, Coliseum




Due to the events in Cincinnati just a few weeks earlier, we were worried that this show was going to be canceled. The Providence, RI show had been canceled by the mayor but luckily New Haven was allowed to go on. It was a bit of a strange atmosphere that night. I think everyone was kind of walking on eggshells so that nothing would go wrong. The events of a few weeks earlier were still very fresh in everyone's minds. About three songs in, Roger commented that "It is very strange for us to be so close to you in the audience. We're not used to that". There was only a small handrail about 6 feet from the stage and nothing else. But as I said, everyone was on their best behavior and the show was AWESOME! My first Who show and I will never forget it. Great lites on Sister Disco.