The Who

Mon, 31 January 1966:

Cwmbran, Eva Community College Wales


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John Reardon

Love your excellent site, however you are still missing one of the Who's gigs for 1966 - 31st January. Some references, such as 'The Who Concert File' by Joe McMichael and Irish Jack mistakenly list the Who as playing at the 'Youth Centre' in Newport. This place never existed!! Maurice White the promoter, sadly now passed away, booked the Who to play at a Youth Centre near Newport. The correct location was the Coed Eva Community College, Cwmbran, Gwent (or Monmouthsire as it was then), Wales. The recently released book, the Complete Chronicle of the Who captures this correct information on page 77. How do I know this? I was the lead guitarist for the Welsh group Pieces of Mind, who were the supporting act.

The Who arrived late, as they often did, arriving just as we had the cheek to play My Generation. Always remember Roger and Pete looking at us from the side of the stage. When they came on, they blew us away with their set, consisting mainly of their My Generation album. Our bass player was very good, however, John's solo break was amazing.

I couldn't get over the amount of gear they had even then. I played through a Marshall 100w top and 8x10 stack as well a a Carlsboro 100w top and two 4x12 cabinets. Pete and John seemed to have numerous Marshall tops and cabinets, filled the stage. They also had many spares in their van. Wonderful night.

Glynne Dummet

I was fortunate to be there that night, totally blew me away obviously, remember big time Keith Moon having crates and crates of coke alongside his drum kit, for obvious reasons. It was a privilege to see these guys, i was a Mod big time at the time, and the Who, well every Mod loved these guys, Thanks to everyone of these very very talented guys, they certainly were a one off.

Kenneth Roberts

I was at the Coed Eva Gig on the 31st. I managed to get one of the last tickets that was on offer from our local community Collage, Trevethin. Luckily though there was a coach thrown, I say "lucky" because coed-eva was not an area I would enter after dark, (a) it was a hard mod area and I was more oriented to the hippy/ flower child "long hair" type. A good band and brilliant music was not to be missed!

They did arrive late, so late that we thought they would never turn up! But they did play an exciting blast of a set and ended with Pete Towsend smashing his beutifull instrument and Keith's cymbals and snare going sideways in the crescendo. We knew it was over then.

A few months later they were booked at the ICI social club (I believe it had changed from B:N:S).The year before , anyway, being a music "Juncky" at the time I went hopeing to get a ticket at the door. No chance, so we, my mate Lenny and I hung around and being local knowing the layout, got in through a toilet window, and caught ther set. There too was a great set, and well worth the persiverance, they were a progressive inventive band and truly didn't deserve the Mod following were many true fans had to risk life and lim to see them live. Or dress cute!

the gig in coe-deva though was truly great because it was somewhat intermate, being in the hundreds I was close enough to see they enjoyed too! It was a privilage too! Keith Moon who was my favorite drum driver.

I had just turned 16 a month before the cwmbran gig, so I was awed !

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