The Who

Fri, 16 November 1979:

Stafford, New Bingley Hall


I Can't Explain
Baba O'Riley
The Punk And The Godfather
Boris The Spider
Sister Disco
Behind Blue Eyes
Music Must Change
Who Are You
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
Long Live Rock
My Generation
I Can See For Miles
Won't Get Fooled Again

Dancing In The Streets
Dance It Away
The Real Me


Allan White confirmed both shows at Stafford New Bingley Hall. He told that The Who played Dancing In The Streets on the second night. Steve Bastow sent the setlist: "If I remember correctly, the set list was very similar to the Wembley show but without Magic Bus, Trick Of The Light and Dreaming From The Waist. My Generation segued into I Can See For Miles. The encore started with Dancing In The Streets and segued into other songs that I was not familiar with. Looking at other set lists this was probably Dance It Away and maybe others. They also played Sparks at some point. I thought this was in the encore medley, as it carried on for quite a while, but it could have been after I Can See For Miles as at other gigs."


Steve Bastow

I was told about this gig by one of my friends one Friday night and told there was a place in the car for me if I could get a ticket. I made my way to Barkers Music in Leeds as soon as I could on the Saturday morning and fortunately they still had some for sale.

This was a very cold Friday evening and six of us crammed into my friends Austin Allegro (his mothers actually). About half way to Stafford a heavy goods vehicle flashed us down on the motorway and told us he could see sparks coming from underneath the car. We all got out and the car driver had a look underneath. If I remember correctly it was the hand brake cable that was dragging. We had driven over something in the road a bit earlier and with so much weight in the car it must have snagged the cable. Fortunately there was some string or wire in the car boot and we could tie it up and carry on with our journey (not before somebody had got back in the car because they were cold and nearly crushed the guy underneath).

We eventually made it to the venue and queued up outside in an orderly line. We could here the band performing 5:15 for the sound check. After what seemed like an eternity in the cold, the doors opened and we made our way inside. This time we set ourselves down less than 20 metres from the stage and waited for the band to come on stage. When that time arrived everybody stood again and wow weren't they close.

About two hours later it was all over and we were back in the cold night air, but this time a bit sweaty and a ringing in our ears.

Other memories:

Roger jumping up and down on a poster of himself (from Tommy) that somebody had thrown on to the stage.

Roger almost forgetting to add the word "soundtrack" when they played anything from Quadrophenia - after all that was what they were promoting.

Peter being a bit drunk - falling on his backside several times and calling the rest of the band b*stards that p*ss in your beer (or words to that effect), just before the encore.

Joe Schmidt

First time I saw The Who. A memory from this gig was after the encore while the rest of the band members had left the stage Pete Townshend picked up a shoe that someone threw onto the stage. He bit it between his teeth (like a dog) and then start barking down the mic and then pranced around the stage doing his famous scissor leaps.

A bit wierd, but hey...the crowd were egging him on.

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