The Who

Mon, 18 October 1971:

Southampton, Guildhall


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Unknown setlist. Thanks to Justin for sending the infos to this show.



Just thought I'd let you know a date you have not got on your website, regarding The Who, playing in my home town of Southampton, UK 1971.
if you visit and type "The Who 1971" there are some photos here of the gig!

I contacted some people I know at the Southampton Echo office, and one Guy "Phil Burner" said it was his first article he had to cover and he remembers be right at the front and having to duck below the stage so it didn;t hurt his ears!!!

He put me onto Barry Dillion who wrote the article in the paper... Barry Dillon wrote the article, Southampton Evening Echo Monday 18th October 1971:

"The Who must be regarded as the most exciting and LOUDEST rock group, after attempting to pulverise the sound barrier in Southampton Guildhall last night. So intense was the noise that many of the 1,600 fans who swarmed into the hall had splitting headaches and numb or aching ears. During the 2 hour performance the volume was so great from the elaborate equipment worth over £20,000 and last used at the Oval Cricket ground festival, that some fans were crying. Undoubtedly, The Who proved themselves as the finest exponents of live rock music around - so why this solid wall of sound that screamed at you? Obviously rock music had to be loud to realy get across, but frankly this was ridiculous. It hardly seemed good health to endure such a supersonic level. Someone sitting next to me had to leave for fear of being sick...despite the agony of the noise this was one of the best rock concerts I have ever attended"

Barry Dillon

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