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Roger Daltrey : Vocals, Harmonica
John Entwistle : Vocals, Bass
Keith Moon : Vocals, Drums
Pete Townshend : Guitar, Vocals

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08-12-1971, 09-12-1971

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The Who

Fri, 10 December 1971:

Long Beach, CA, Civic Arena



Dan Clarke

I was at the concert at the Long Beach Civic auditorium on 10.12.1971. I almost didn't make it in as my friends had tickets and I didn't. I was contemplating my plight outside of the Auditorium when luckily I hooked up with a scalper who sold me a "bleeder" ticket for a reasonable price.

So there I was up in the rafters ready to take on my favorite band. Out came the Who (I don't believe there was a warm-up band). Pete Townshend was wearing a silver jump suit and had a cherry SG strapped on. Daltrey was in blue jeans and a worn T-shirt. Moon literally did cartwheels the entire length of the stage to get to his drum set. John looked rock star and stoic. Townshend strummed a few raw distorted chords and the show began! The set opened with "I Can't Explain", and from there the night ROCKED.

I do believe that's the loudest concert I ever witnessed. It was SO loud ... but it was so good. I will always treasure that night.