The Who

Fri, 10 December 1971:

Long Beach, CA, Civic Arena


I Can't Explain
Summertime Blues
My Wife
Baba O'Riley
Behind Blue Eyes
Won't Get Fooled Again
Baby Don't You Do It
Magic Bus
Amazing Journey
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
My Generation
Naked Eye


Dan Clarke

I was at the concert at the Long Beach Civic auditorium on 10.12.1971. I almost didn't make it in as my friends had tickets and I didn't. I was contemplating my plight outside of the Auditorium when luckily I hooked up with a scalper who sold me a "bleeder" ticket for a reasonable price.

So there I was up in the rafters ready to take on my favorite band. Out came the Who (I don't believe there was a warm-up band). Pete Townshend was wearing a silver jump suit and had a cherry SG strapped on. Daltrey was in blue jeans and a worn T-shirt. Moon literally did cartwheels the entire length of the stage to get to his drum set. John looked rock star and stoic. Townshend strummed a few raw distorted chords and the show began! The set opened with "I Can't Explain", and from there the night ROCKED.

I do believe that's the loudest concert I ever witnessed. It was SO loud ... but it was so good. I will always treasure that night.

Ed Macias

First concert I ever saw! My ears rang for days!
There was an opening act named Mylon (Mylon LeFevre), who I didn't like. We had terrible seats, but most of my friends went to the floor, while I found a spot at the railing behind Keith Moon. Great vantage point to watch rock's greatest drummer!

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