Concert Info


Roger Daltrey: Harmonica, Guitar, Vocals
John Entwistle: Vocals, Bass
Kenney Jones : Drums
Pete Townshend : Guitar, Vocals
Tim Gorman: Piano, Keyboards

Attendance and Support

Attendance: 82000
Support Act: David Johansen, The Clash

Record and DVD

The Who

Sun, 26 September 1982:

Buffalo, NY, Rich Stadium



Andy Massingham

David Johansen and TheClash opened the show. The crowd was huge and rowdy. I remember Pete and Roger sprinting onto the stage like The Monkees and tearing into it. The sound was loud and clear for a stadium. I also remember "A Man Is A Man" leaving the crowd utterly bewildered (wisely dropped afterwards). During "Long Live Rock" the entire floor secton was dancing and Pete threw his guitar into the air, let it fall and strapped on another one in the space of two bars. "Twist and Shout" had 82,000 people in a good old rock frenzy. Great memories. I saw them two weeks later in Toronto, but it was lacking in the same excitement, except for when some yobbo threw a hot dog at Joe Jackson during his opening set.

Michael Nowak

The day was very hot and during Love Reign O'er Me it started to rain. Lasted about 20 minutes and the sun remained in a portion of the sky, but it was enough to cool the plastic tarps on the floor of the stadium. Perfectly timed too.

Mike Naughton

I read the two reviews of the concert on your web site and I had a slightly different memory of the Buffalo concert than the second commentator. I remember the day as an overcast day heavy with a mist, but never raining. Then, about 20 or 30 seconds into Love Reign O' Me the clouds opened up and it began to rain. It really rained - not a hard rain, but not a light rain either. The crowd went crazy. The timing was amazing as it had not rained up to that point during their set. Near the end of the song it stopped raining. After the song, Daltrey announced How'd you like that one? Even the Stones couldn't pulled that one off! Great memory from a great day and great concert.

Pete Yeager

This goes down in history as one of the greatest Who concerts ever but perhaps as one of the best stadium concerts ever. The only place to get into a concert is on the floor, moving with the crowd to the music. The Who were hot and temperature on floor was hotter. As people worked their way back from the front through the crowd, I asked one of them who was soaking wet, "Where you under the hoses up there", and they said no the hoses didn't' reach them. It was so hot people were dropping.

Then the Who launched into Love Rain O're Me and it started pouring rain!!! Incredible. When the song ended the rain stopped at Townshend said, "Even the Rolling Bones couldn't have done that one."

I've always thought of the 1000's of songs they played in concert this is one the Who must have remembered. We did, thank you.