The Who

Thu, 30 September 1982:

Pontiac, MI, Silverdome


I Can't Explain
I Can See For Miles
Sister Disco
The Quiet One
It's Hard
Eminence Front
Behind Blue Eyes
Baba O'Riley
I'm One
The Punk And The Godfather
Cry If You Want
Who Are You
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
Love Reign O'er Me
Long Live Rock
Won't Get Fooled Again

Magic Bus
Summertime Blues
Twist And Shout


Michael Portaro

Attendance, 75,000. General Admisson/Festival Seating. Main floor access required a green ticket.

Entwistle was attired in a bright red suit, Townshend, leather jacket and dark tank top, ditched the leather jacket, Daltrey white suite with striped t-shirt underneath, ditched the sport coat.

Unusually warm for Sept 30 - 89F degrees. Uncomfortably warm inside the dome, the crowd on the main floor was cooled off with fire hoses.

Opening act Eddie Money was well received. Not so for the Clash who went on at 9pm by which time the crowd was ready for the Who. The Clash played
through a chorus of boos for the whole set.

Who came on stage at 10:45pm, played for 2hrs 45 minutes. House lights remained on for opening number Substitute and into the second song,
Can't Explain. Video screen did not start up right away either.

Dave Heatherly

Two items can be added to this:

Attendees in the stands began to jump down to the main floor to chants of do it from the rest of the crowd. After overwhelming security several times security began to pick individuals to pursue prior to the onslaught and grabbed those individuals many of whom were pummeled prior to be removed from the Silverdome.

Also the stage set up for that tour featured a large WHO with the stage below the open space in the letter H and a jumbotron above. This became the centerold for the double album Who's Last.

Matthew Chaplin

They sold 75,000 GA tickets and of that approximately 10,000 were for the floor. Estimates put somewhere about 20,000 people on the floor. I remember waves of people jumping from the lower bowl onto the floor - about 30 or 40 people would mass up in front of the security - figuring quite rightly they couldn't catch us all. Though I did see the security purposely break someone's arm when they caught them.

Eddie Money was by all accounts well received unfortunately for The Clash the same could not be said. I remember they didn't play Train in Vain (off London Calling) and stuck closely to Combat Rock which was not well known at the time. When they got to the "Should I Stay or Should I Go" chorus of the same song a vast majority of the crowd was yelling "GO!, GO!, GO!" I recall my buddy quipping that they had collected more garbage that night than the City of Pontiac because people were throwing various items (batteries, garbage, bottles, etc.) at The Clash. I don't think they played their full set.

The crowd was at a fever pitch by the time The Who hit the stage. As noted above the house lights were up into ICE.

The Who put on a spirited show that night - one quite frankly better than the Silverdome deserved. They were on point and firing on all cylinders. As noted the security was out of hand (I also saw a guy who had been slashed by a knife from his ear to his mouth), the crowd was out of hand (someone climbed up to the Teflon roof and cut out a one square foot section as a souvenir), the fights and people throwing things at the bands. I mentioned the garbage The Clash collected at least people were only throwing joints at The Who. In face at one point Pete quipped, "Why can't you people throw things up here we can use? We're a clean band now. How about a microwave or a Buick or something?" Also, the Silverdome was an awful music venue. The Who played there four times because it was the only Detroit area stadium for music. But my God did the sound suck there. It was big (80,000 seats not counting the floor) and the sound sort of just bounced around the place and off the roof.

The standout songs that night to me were: The Punk and The Godfather, 5:15, WGFA and Magic Bus. I really liked Magic Bus that night which is kinda of funny as I emulated John Entwistle later in life and grew to hate that song. But that night? It truly was a Magic Bus.

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Attendance: 75000

Support Act: Eddie Money, The Clash

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The Who in Pontiac, MI


Ticket, 30.9.1982 Pontiac, 30.9.1982 (Foto: Michael Portaro) Pontiac, 30.9.1982 (Foto: Michael Portaro) Pontiac, 30.9.1982 (Foto: Michael Portaro)