Concert Info


Roger Daltrey : Harmonica, Guitar, Vocals
John Entwistle : Bass, Vocals
Pete Townshend : Vocals, Guitar
Steve 'Boltz' Bolton: Guitar
John Bundrick : Piano, Keyboards
Chyna: Backing Vocal
Simon Clarke: Brass Section
Simon Gardner: Brass Section
Jody Linscott : Percussion
Roddy Lorimer: Brass Section
Billy Nicholls : Backing Vocal
Simon Philips : Drums
Tim Saunders: Brass Section
Neil Sidwell: Brass Section
Cleveland Watkiss : Backing Vocal


Radio broadcast. This Tommy show was played without any guests (see 24.8.1989, 31.10.1989 and 2.11.1989). I don't know if the Who played an encore.

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