Concert Info


Roger Daltrey : Harmonica, Guitar, Vocals
John Entwistle : Bass, Vocals
Pete Townshend : Vocals, Guitar
Steve 'Boltz' Bolton: Guitar
John Bundrick : Piano, Keyboards
Chyna: Backing Vocal
Simon Clarke: Brass Section
Simon Gardner: Brass Section
Jody Linscott : Percussion
Roddy Lorimer: Brass Section
Billy Nicholls : Backing Vocal
Simon Philips : Drums
Tim Saunders: Brass Section
Neil Sidwell: Brass Section
Cleveland Watkiss : Backing Vocal

Record and DVD

The Who

Tue, 18 July 1989:

Buffalo, NY, Rich Stadium



Chris Privett

I saw The Who at Rich Stadium in Buffalo on July 18, 1989, which was a gorgeous summer day. I remember it very clearly because it was my first date with the lady who's now been my wife for 10 years.

There were dozens of people selling pirate t-shirts around the stadium, and I ended up buying two of them for $10 apiece (I still wear them 15 years later!). I remember one guy was actually wearing about 20 of these bootleg t-shirts, and he'd literally peel a shirt off his back and sell it to you.

The stadium had a capacity of about 80,000 for Buffalo Bills games, and I recall reading in the newspaper the next day that The Who show drew about 45,000. Believe it or not, in a stadium that large, the place looked pretty well empty.

The Who took the stage in early evening, and as they ran out onto the stage, the theme from Bonanza played. Pete ran out doing a Chuck Berry goose-step. They launched right into the Tommy sequence, and one of their crew released a giant silver beach ball (a "pinball," get it?) which was then bounced around the crowd.

It started to get dark about 45 minutes into the show and it turned into a gorgeous summer evening. The darkness made some of the light show look nice, but I was disappointed that there were no lasers like the ones in The Kids Are Alright. They had a few spotlights shining, but no lasers.

I didn't like the lead guitarist's playing at all. I thought they'd have sounded better even without an electric guitarist altogether. And the horn section was made some songs sound like Las Vegas show tunes. The horns were accentuating the power chords during Baba and Fooled Again. It sounded pretty silly. In fact, with about 15 people up on the stage, I felt a little like we were watching a Who tribute band, as opposed to the actual Who.

There was a large video screen at the side of the stage, and during the keyboard break in the middle of Fooled Again, they showed a shot of the full moon, which was pretty cool. Roger jogged in place during all of Who Are You, which I thought was impressive! Pete strapped on a red Fender Stratocaster for the last handful of songs, and that's when the show really came to life.

The show isn't on my Top 10 list of my favorite concerts, but at least I got a great wife out of the deal!