The Who

Sat, 27 July 2002:

Camden, NJ, Tweeter Amphitheatre


I Can't Explain
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
Who Are You
Another Tricky Day
Baba O'Riley
Eminence Front
Sea And Sand
Love Reign O'er Me
Behind Blue Eyes
You Better You Bet
The Kids Are Alright
My Generation
Won't Get Fooled Again

Pinball Wizard
Amazing Journey
See Me Feel Me

Newspaper Review

Who shows who's standing tall

The Who wore black at the Tweeter Center on Saturday, and their humor matched their attire. "John Entwistle, wherever you are, get well soon,&quo... Continue reading
(Philadelphia Inquirer, 29-07-2002)

The Who rocks on in Camden

The question leading up to Saturday night's Tweeter Center performance by The Who was: How significant is the loss of John Entwistle, the revered ... Continue reading
(Camden Courier-Post, 28-07-2002)


David Rubinsohn

This was my fourth Who concert. They absolutely tore the place up. Pete telling John to "get well soon" and his reference to Zak replacing "another Who corpse" got huge laughs and lightened the atmosphere (not that anyone was having trouble rocking before that). Eminence Front was kinda ragged since Pete was in his own world and tempo throughout the song. Roger even joked about it afterward. The energy the entire night however was truly amazing. They certainly don't act their age and I hope they never do. As long as they rock like that I'll happily stand throughout any concert they choose to give. What a sheer pleasure the whole night was. My ears rang for two days.

Mike Kiker

It was a great show, they had a spectacular light show, with trusses that spelled out "WHO", and the "O" had the Quadrophenia Target in the middle of it. Robert Plant was the opening act, and for a guy in his mid-50's he can still sing like a pro. There wasn't that much excitement for Robert Plant, I shouted out "PLAY SOME LED ZEPPELIN" and I could hear the echo throughout the whole place, I'm sure Robert might have heard it himself. He did some great zeppelin folk songs like "Going To California", "Four Sticks", and "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You". And also did some great songs from his new album "Dreamland" (from which he was promoting) like a cover of The Youngblood's "Darkness, Darkness", an old blues song called "Fixin' To Die", and middle eastern version of Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" (I know it's not an original from Jimi, but I just don't know the name of the original guy who did it). He played for about an hour, his performance was so stunning I thought the show was over already, but not by a longshot.

OK, on to The Who. Everybody, except for Rabbit, was dressed in black as a reminder to John Entwistle who recently passed away. I'm glad they didn't do "My Wife" or "Boris The Spider", though really great songs, the fact is they were written by John, and because of his loss, it would be sacrileges. This was a great concert, enough said. They were putting in songs I'd never think they would do after at least 1997. Who expect them to do "Another Tricky Day", "Sea And Sand", "Love Reign O'er Me", or "Amazing Journey/Sparks"? They haven't been played in concert since 1997 (except "Another Tricky Day" which they haven't played since 1982). One thing I have to mention though, Pete's brother Simon Townshend is with them this tour to sing for John and play rhythm guitar, and alot of people forget to mention that. It was cool that Roger played guitar on a few, acoustic on: "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere", "Who Are You", and "The Kids Are Alright", and electric on "Eminence Front". We thought after "Won't Get Fooled Again" the show was over, everybody around me was saying "Why no 'Pinball Wizard'? Why no 'See Me Feel Me'?" Well they showed some pictures of John and Keith on the 2 video screens they had setup to the sides of the stage and Pete and Roger came back on the stage and saluted the picture as saying Goodbye to John, then Pete introduced the rest of the band (when he mention Pino Palladino, he said that "For John Entwistle wherever you are, you'd better be f---ing supporting us.", and when he mentioned Zak Starkey (Ringo Starr's son for those who have no information), he said "a stand-in for the other Who corpse". Then they did a medley of 4 songs from "Tommy" which was completely unexpected. I went nuts when they did "Amazing Journey" and "Sparks", and screamed out "TEAR IT UP YOU MOTHERF---ERS!" I could go on all day about the show, but I want to end it here saying, Rock on Roger and Pete. A pray for them John and Keith wherever you are.


Saw The Who in Camden - wow - what a bummer of a show. JOHN's sound was sorely missing.

For all of the raving I have read on fans sites and in the media - I felt skunked. Camden was SOLD OUT actually. I traded two lawn tix for a 15th row right Lodge seat which was a decent trade.

Going to see The Who for the last time tonight at Hershypark Stadium. MAYBE, I will catch them at Wantagh which would make 30 WHO concerts for me.

Very disappointed in the overall performance. Having seen them over a 20 year period now, The Who always seemed to improve since their 1989 tour which was tremendous (1982 sucked; Live Aid was cool!). From 1999 - 2; 2000 - 7; 2001 - 1; & 2002 - 2 concerts @ R.A.H. for my birthday, The Who have been consistently UNBELIEVABLE.

But not July 27 - one month later ...

I see they did I CAN SEE FOR MILES @ Boston! Maybe they will add something, anything! new I have never seen before, like ANOTHER TRICKY DAY which is cool.

I am surprised they are doing MY GENERATION which is John's signature bass solo. I thought PINBALL WIZARD was down right embarassing. Pino did not get the bass phonics down on that one.

I am also angry they could not perform one of the several songs John composed for Roger to sing which would have a been a nice gesture to remember John with his WHO MUSIC. Oh well. Here's hoping HERSHEY is better with one more WHO gem live to make tonight memorable.

Tom Marchegiano

I've never seen Pete so engaged. He stepped up and delivered the greatest guitar performance I've ever seen. He delivered a great solo during 5:15, but it just wasn't John Entwistle. Roger's voice was strong throughout the entire night and the end of "Won't Get Fooled Again" was a showcase of his voice, Zach's drumming and Pete's windmills. The crowd was a sellout, and everybody was into this band - kids and geezers.

Great, great effort.

Alan Wilmers

Last night I entered a time machine, no this wasn't an HG Wells creation this was something very different.

For two and a half hours It was 1975 and I was 16 and seeing the Who for the first time again, no there was no Moonie and no Ox but Mssrs Daltrey and Townshend and friends took me to a place I hadn't been in many moons (no pun intended). A fit and trim Roger was hitting the notes and swinging the microphone while his pal Pete machine gunned and windmilled the guitar with a passion and energy that makes it hard to imagine that these are 50 year old men.

The setlist was a varied mix of Hits and album tracks all of which were like visiting with old friends. The Pinball Wizard, Sparks, See Me Feel Me encore was an emotional high.

Although it can never be the same without THE OX this music is too good to pass into history just yet. If you are going to see em enjoy the ride and if you haven't gotten tickets yet, Do so.

One last thing it was interesting that I was there with a friend that wasn't even born when I saw the WHO the first time and his reaction after the show was "what the hell are my kids gonna see after these guys are gone" Sad commentary on today's music or a testament to how good "Classic Rock" is, That's a question for others to decide.


Jim Mullen

Pretty good show! It rained as I was approaching the exit to the venue but quit pretty quickly. This made the lawn a little wet but not OVERLY muddy if you were careful. SOLD OUT and VERY CROWDED but I managed to grab a lawn seat from a guy selling them outside.

Robert Plant was playing when I got in. Nice seeing him but his set was kinda disappointing. Mostly covers of stuff from the 60s that he likes (Hey Joe, etc.) with some new material/more covers from his latest album, some Led Zep stuff(4 Sticks, Celebration Day, Going To California, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You) and one earlier solo tune (Tall Cool One). I, of course like everyone else, would've liked to have heard more Zep or even his other solo material from the 80s. But he wasn't even performing ANY Zep in his sets till a few years ago. Of course there was no "Stairway To Heaven" though I was hopeful that enough time had passed and that he'd perform the most popular song, probably, of our generation. Not bad to see him but disappointing overall.

Bassist John Entwistle is VERY MUCH MISSED! He had a very distictive lead bass sound that is now GONE from the band leaving alot of holes. Pino, the new guy is just not that kind of bass player. But then not too many are! Pino did get to shine on My Generation but you could harly hear him in the mix otherwise(not totally his fault, maybe?). Roger and Pete were excellent and NEVER SOUNDING BETTER! Zak Starkey, whom I like on the '96 tour, was very disappointing here though. Real sluggish and unenergetic! Then again, I imagine it was hard breaking in a new bassist on such short notice. John Entwistle and Keith Moon are two of the hardest people to replace, that was evident at this show! I enjoyed it but it was like seeing a band with both legs knocked out from under it! It's more the Pete/Roger band now! Roger said they'll go till the last man standing. "YOU MATE!
IT'LL BE YOU!" Pete pointed at Roger.

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