The Who

Sun, 20 December 1970:

London, Roundhouse


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Tony Oliver

This was the fourth time I'd seen The Who, I was living in Brighton at the time, and had seen them at Worthing Assembly Halls (which I don't think you have listed), the amazing Fairfield Halls gig and the IOW. The Roundhouse gigs were usually on Sundays, started in the afternoon, and went on until they finished!, and this was one of those. The support acts were America, Elton John and someone else who I can't remember. We had to queue up twice, once in the morning for the tickets, and then again for the gig, and it was cold. It was America's first gig, Jeff Dexter announced them as some friends he'd just met, and was so impressed he got them on the bill (and then went on to manage them). Reminded me (and everyone else) of Crosby, Stills and Nash, but without the songs.... Elton was great in those days, just a 3 piece and great songs. Of all The Who gigs I've been to, this was one of a few that I have incredibly fond memories of. The Roundhouse was a fantastic venue to see bands. Very small by today's standards (about 1,000 - 1,500 I think), and my main memory is the atmosphere was so..well...happy I s'pose. It was just before christmas, the stage was set up for some theatrical production which was probably a nightmare to get around, but it looked great (it was left in place for the gig). Townshend seemed in such a good mood. As far as I can remember the set was fairly standard for them, Tommy with a few others before and after (what a set that was!) and in the extended 'jamming' section there was a bit of Alright Now. I was 15 then, just before I started taking drugs (nothing heavy!!), but I've probably never been higher since.

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