The Who

Fri, 24 January 1969:

Wolverhampton, Civic Hall


No known setlist


Steve Lockley remembers the date as 21.1.1969. Every info is welcome!


Steve Lockley

My memory is of when the Who played at the Wolverhampton Civic on the 21.1.1969. they were late turning up because of snow, and we had to sit thro' the roadcrew setting up the gear, this was before the drummers had dedicated boards to lock down the drumsets, the roadies on this night nailed them down? The support band that night were a local band called Trapeze, a three piece out of Cannock, Glen Hughes, Mel Galley & drummer
Dave Holland. Glen went on to play with Deep Purple, Mel to Whitesnake and Dave to Judas Priest.

What I can remember about the playlist was that it was consequentially recorded as The Who Live At Leeds with "Tommy" in the middle of the two sides, this has now as you no-doubt know been released as The Who Live At Leeds Two CD set. The gig was one of the most memorable of my life & I went on to see them, (the Who & Trapeze) whenever they came close. To finish of I would like to congratulate you on a brilliant site & I am sure I will continue to visit.

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