The Who

Sun, 01 June 1969:

St. Louis, MO, Kiel Auditorium


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Petty send another city and venue for this date. He wrote: "The Who played in St.Louis Mo at the Kiel Auditorium on June 1st 1969. With Joe Cocker and the Grease Band, Led Zep was on the bill but failed to show so the Who played REAL long. Amazing show. They came back a few months later to the Kiel Opera House and did Tommy but I didn't find it listed either." Martin Forsbom sent the scan of the Concert announcement, so I changed the venue from Chicago, Kinetic Playground to St. Louis, MO, Kiel Auditorium. In fact, it's clear that led Zeppelin didn't play at this date! Maybe Bruce is wrong with the date ...


Bruce Meentemeyer

You've posted a slight inaccuracy concerning this program. I attended this show and I can tell you that Led Zepp did, indeed, perform an excellent set before the Who took the stage. Many of us were there to hear Zepp as much as we we were there to hear The Who. There were already many Zepp fans in St. Louis, thanks to KSHE radio.

I remember clearly that we didn't know what to make of Joe Cocker-- soulful music, but we couldn't understand a word he said between songs.

I also attended the show a Keil Opera House that year. We had great seats and the show was spectcular in that auditorium. After Tommy, the second set seemed to go on for hours - they covered it all.

Phil Slover

I'm not sure which concert the person making the correction comment went to but I was at this concert as well. Led Zepplin did, in fact, miss the show. They were stuck in Chicago is what we heard. An announcement was made in advance and we were all offered a chance to leave and get a refund.

I don't think ANYBODY left. I was sitting in the third row in front of Peter Townshend and took a picture with my black & white Polaroid camera.

Mike Davisson

Led Zepplin did not play as they were the headline act which we had come to see.

We were totally bummed out but stayed to see the Who. Dont remember an offer for refund nor remember one song they played.

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The Who in St. Louis, MO


Tommy Add for the concert at the Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis. Concert promo for the concert at the Kiel Auditorium