The Who

Sat, 24 August 1968:

Oklahoma City, OK, Wedgewood Village Amusement Park


I Can't Explain
Boris The Spider
A Quick One While He's Away
Magic Bus
Shakin' All Over


Songs were released on Cry Blue Murder bootleg. See Baba's Page and 30.8.1967. The Who played two shows: 3.15 pm and 8.15 pm.


Kelly Almond

My brother has always talked about seeing this show when he was 12 or 13. He and his best friend Donnie Douglas, who lived across the street in El Reno, Oklahoma, got his Mom to drive them to Wedgewood Village Amusement Park that Summer Saturday in 1968. They didn't tell her that they were going to see a "Rock Band" because she probably wouldn't have taken them. She thought that they just wanted to ride the rides.

The following is an email from my Brother Dan. He sent the email to me after I told him that I had found your Web site with "evidence" that the great WHO had actually come to our humble cowtown of Oklahoma City and rocked it like every other town. That has always showed me the heart and integrity of The WHO.

Message from my Brother Dan Almond "WOW, that is freakin' cool!! I love it. My first rock-n-roll concert. Seems like I remember them playing "Miles and Miles" too, but I guess not. I still remember riding the "Tornado" roller coaster with Keith Moon, and him throwin' up over the side the whole ride. Those guys were party animals. They completely destroyed their stage, instruments, everything. It was a wild time. As I recall, I think the tickets were $7-8 bucks."

Don also added some new tidbits of that historic night in Oklahoma City. Here they are as quoted from Don from an email he sent to me:

"They played on the roof of the one story swimming pool changing building. Dan and I were right next to the building with a great view of the band. Several busted drum sticks were cast into the crowd, guitars smashed, amps kicked all while playing great music! It is amazing how you always remember your first rock concert and all the detail I still have after all these years. A great time with a great friend watching The Who!"

William Cornelius

I was on leave from the Navy, and I had the Who record album with one of the who sitting in a bathtub full of baked beans and another putting zit medicine out of a huge tube on a fake red spot on his face. It had a great song on it called Tattoo. Anyway I went to Wedgewood Village. What i remember most was it was Keith Moon's Birthday and they gave him a cake he proceeded to tear big chunks out and throw at the crowd. Seems like the concert only cost a dollar or so to get in. They slammed guitars against amps and threw the remains to the crowd. Great concert...

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