The Who

Wed, 02 July 1980:

Dallas, TX, Reunion Theater


I Can't Explain
Baba O'Riley
My Wife
Sister Disco
Behind Blue Eyes
Music Must Change
Who Are You
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
Long Live Rock
My Generation
I Can See For Miles
Naked Eye
Won't Get Fooled Again

Summertime Blues
The Real Me


Additional songs confirmed by Rick Rieckhoff. In older versions of the Guide I had a different tour itinary. John Perry, guitar-player of "The Only Ones", who supported The Who in San Diego and Los Angeles, sent me the actual tour schedule. Many Mails confirmed him. John has a printed Itinary of the tour. So I changed the dates of the shows. My last source had these - wrong - dates: 3.7.1980 Dallas, Reunion Theater; 4.7.1980 Houston, The Summit; 5.7.1980 St. Austin, Texas Special Events Center.


Blake Womack

1. I grew up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and attended this show. I still have the ticket stub. The concert was July 2, 1980 at 7:30 pm at Reunion Arena (the new basketball arena in 1980) in Dallas, Texas.

2. This is still to date the best concert I have ever seen. I only had one beer that night, maybe two and was relatively sober throughout the show. This was a rowdy concert. People were in the aisles and on their feet often. Several women were topless by the end of the show.

3. There was an opening act but they were never mentioned in the advertisements for the show. I don't remember who they were. But when the lights went down and the crowd expected the Who and instead were offered this band it didn't go over well. So many things were thrown (pennies, cups, etc...) that the warm-up band didn't even last two songs. They gave the audience a one finger salute and left.

4. I used to have the song list for this show. I'm quite sure that Substitute was the first song and that Baba O'Riley was the fourth song. Songs two and three were I Can't Explain and My Generation but I don't remember their order.

Colin Boyd

I saw The Who in Dallas at Reunion Arena on july 2nd, 1980. It was the best concert i've ever seen. I was 17. with music, many people get caught up in musical "scenes". The Who, townshend's songs, always transcended the fact that they're english guys who played for mods in the 60s. A kid from Dallas could hear the songs, and the energy that the band played them with, and know that the songs were for him. Great music has a universal
quality ... so many forget that.

I've read that pete was on drugs this entire time, or tour. It didn't show in dallas in 1980H he was dead-on amazing, as was the whole band. The concert was fantastic. There were no surprise songs, it was a standard [for the time] who set. I was amazed at the clarity and volume of Townshend's guitar AND Entwistle's bass [so sorely missed on the 2002 tour ... though pino did great]. There was rabbit, Daltrey spinning the
mike on it's cord non-stop, a couple horn players for stuff like "5:15". Kenney Jones was great. He was solid, with it. A lot of people slam him but he doesn't deserve it. Maybe the "who's last" concert in 82 was an off night. But Kenney was solid. An aside - I do very much enjoy Zak's playing now. He's far looser - and thereby closer to the old moon sound when
riffing with Townshend.

This show in dallas was reviewed by the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Times Herald. Mention was made of the deaths at the concert the previous year, new drummer Jones, the band's "aged" members [younger then than I am now!] - but both reviews were stellar. The band was flawless in Dallas and
everyone knew it.

I went to the show hoping we'd get some Townshend solo material - his "Empty Glass" was new. I was a new Who fan at the time and wasn't aware of how foolish this expectation was. But i'd still love to hear the who do "Rough Boys", "And I Moved", "Let my love open the door", "A little is
enough" with Daltrey on vocals. Put THAT on a new who record.

I still have my ticket stub. But it's taped onto my Who's Next LP jacket and I'm not scanning it. Townshend played schecter telecasters in Dallas. I believe he did this through out the 1980 and 1982 tours. And hiwatt amps. Very loud and clear.

I saw their 82 tour in Dallas - at the Cotton Bowl. Not as good due to it being an outdoor concert. The Who [back then] needed a roof over them to make the sound. Band was good though. They played twist-and-shout in the encore and townshend smashed his schecter.

The Who in 2002 are NOT as loud as they were in 1980. And without John Entwistle, it's a different sound completely. But townshend's playing IS better than ever, Zak is perfect, Daltrey's got it. The Who STILL shows all other bands how it's done.

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