The Who

Thu, 10 July 1980:

Memphis, TN, Mid-South Coliseum


I Can't Explain
Baba O'Riley
My Wife
Sister Disco
Behind Blue Eyes
Music Must Change
Who Are You
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
Long Live Rock
My Generation
Naked Eye
I Can See For Miles
Won't Get Fooled Again

Young Man Blues
The Real Me
Dance It Away


Thomas M Parker

I recently discovered your website and wanted to confirm the date of the show I witnessed in Memphis TN during the 1980 US Tour. (July 10). I missed the opportunity to see them with Moon in Murfreesboro, TN four years earlier (I was only 13), so I drove the three hours to Memphis to see them on this occasion (This was my 18th birthday present).

I remember being struck at the sheer size of the lighting system and the PA. Also, as a drummer, I remember being extremely envious of Kenny Jones's set and particularly his overhead gong/cymbal stand. I even set up a TAMA telescopic boom over my set at home and let a small crash cymbal hang in front of me. I did however retain the "Moon-esque" double bass, three mounted toms, two floor toms set up, but I digress.....

Comments after the show were that they were in much finer form than they had been previously in Atlanta. I recall that they played for over four hours. Additionally they performed an encore - Young Man Blues - which started very erratically due to Pete Townshend's "wandering" guitar riffs. Entwistle looked at him and put his hands up indicating he didn't know what Townshend was playing. After a brief discussion, Townshend turned around and ripped into Young Man Blues. You will recall that this was the beginning of Townshend's heavy drug and drinking period (one would assume as some sort of grieving process over Moon). He also played the show with a cast on his right hand and I remember he came out puffing a large cigar. Wore an English Beat or the Beat T-shirt, fatigue pants, boots and an sports coat of some type (black).

I also remember that as Entwistle was readying to play "My Wife" by moving his microphone stand towards the center of the stage, someone in the front section of the audience threw a bottle rocket at him, which flew past his head. Daltrey literally jumped to the front of the stage, pointed at the culprit, and told the person that, " I will kick your f***ing ass" This person was immediately swamped by the crowd and tossed out of the arena by security. I was struck by the thought that typically rock concert members try to cover for the misbehavior of others, but in the case of interrupting the Who, were only to glad to point out the offending audience member.

I also remember the stifling heat in Memphis in July. It was 107 degrees (F) the day we saw them, and we drove the 200 miles with no A/C. Willie Niles opened the show and was literally the "warm up" act. He kept telling the sound engineers which monitors were working properly, etc. I do not think I had ever seen that before or since for that matter.

The show was great. I remember thinking I was blinded by the flashpots going off at the beginning of "Won't Get Fooled Again". Kenny Jones looked like he was ready to collapse by show's end, but kept up as well as could be expected.

I also saw them in Birmingham, AL in 1982 and remember thinking they were much more polished, but less "rock and roll" (if that makes sense) than they had been in Memphis.

All in all a great and memorable trip and concert.

Jim Bowers

I was at the show with my then wife. What a long show it was. In fact, it was so long, that we had to leave during the encore "Young Man Blues", because my wife couldn't handle the noise. It was VERY loud. As far as the set list, they did open with "Substitute". No introduction, they just walked out and played. I remember the bottle rocket thrown at Entwistle. Daltrey was PISSED. Nice site you have.

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