John Entwistle

Fri, 08 June 2001:

New York, NY, B B King Blues Club


The Real Me, Summertime Blues, Had Enough, Heaven And Hell, Sparks, Boris The Spider, Under A Raging Moon, Success Story, Young Man Blues, Shakin' All Over


The John Entwistle Band played two shows. This is the first show at 8pm.


E. Castle

I was at the June 8th 8:pm show. I don't think the set list is in the correct order but pretty near: The Real Me, Summertime Blues, Piano intro which included middle section of Who Are You, Had Enough, Heaven And Hell, Amazing Journey outro, Sparks, Boris The Spider, Under A Raging Moon, Success Story, Young Man Blues, Shakin' All Over.

This was the best Entwistle show I've seen. It was my 4th time seeing him solo over 15 years and I've never seen him so happy and having a good time. The whole band were very energetic especially Steve the drummer who never let up! He knows he's playing with JOHN ENTWISTLE and took full advantage of this. Highlights for me were Success Story, Heaven And Hell, Had Enough and the Live At Leeds jam. Before 'Story' John said," I have to switch to eight string bass. Twice the strings, twice the mistakes". Had Enough should of been played live with the Who.Its to bad its overlooked but, at least John plays it on solo tours. Hearing them play the Sparks version from Live At Leeds was a real surprise. Everyone in the Club reconized the middle of My Generation/ improvisation parts which Sparks is played. Also it was so LOUD.


Entwistle and his band played a fiery and LOUD 75 minute set which included Shakin All Over, Summertime Blues,Young Man Blues, Sparks, Under a Raging Moon, The Real Me, Success Story, Trick of the Light, Had Enough, Boris the Spider and Heaven and Hell. Steve Luongo the drummer indicated that they were being rusged off the stage sice there was to be a 10:30 show that nioght also so there was no encore and therefore no "My Wife" which was very disappointing. The band did a lot of joking around on stage, Steve had an energizer bunny drummer with him on his solo in Under a Raging Moon playing along with him. John's playing was awesome as usual and he seemed to be in good spirits. An excellent but short show.

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