John Entwistle

Sun, 04 October 1998:

Frazier, PA, Maddy's


Horror Rock, The Real Me, Had Enough, My Size, Sometimes, Trick Of The Light, Success Story, Endless Vacation, Shakin' All Over, 905, My Wife, Under A Raging Moon, Whiskey Man, Heaven And Hell, Horror Rock (Reprise), Young Man Blues, Summertime Blues



Maddies was a Bar/Restaurant in the Philadelphia suburbs that held roughly 400 patrons on a good night. The mostly male audience roared as John, guitarist Godfrey Townshend (no relation to Pete), drummer Steve Luongo, and Keyboardist Gordon Cotton calmly strolled in the back door and up on the stage.

I didn't recognize the first number, but everybody went nuts as they struck up The Real Me. Later, John suspiciously eyed the speaker cabinet suspended from the ceiling. "this things gonna land on my fucking head!" he said. It seemed like John was wearing the same blue vinyl jacket he wore at the Camden NJ WHO show the year before.

Other than that, he looked fit, and his white hair and beard gave him a semi-regal aura. I recall that he said that one of the tunes played that night was co-written with Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh.

Steve Luongo acted as a sort of unoffical MC, and he and John cheerfully traded insults throughout the set. Well rehearsed, and powerfull renditons of Success Story, Trick of the Light, and Shakin' all Over seemingly trembled the floor beneath our feet, and the show ended with a snarling Summer-Time Blues.

When John passed in 2002, my mind shot back to this night, and I felt really fortunate that I had the opportunity to see the Bass-Playing Legend at close range. THE OX! Unforgettable!

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John Entwistle in Frazier, PA


Ticket, 4.10.1998