Pete Townshend

Sun, 14 April 1974:

London, Roundhouse


The Seeker
Big Boss Man
If I Were A Carpenter
Happy Jack
Join My Gang
Behind Blue Eyes
Goin' To New York (New York City Blues)
My Generation (Demos. Played through PA)
On The Borderline
No Face No Name No Number
Let's See Action
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
My Generation
Magic Bus
My Generation


The two versions of My Generation are demo-playes through P.A. for the audience. There's a sample lyric change in Magic Bus: »...I'm so nervous I guess it shows. Don't say a thing about my great big nose...« (Thanks to for this infos). Dave Marsh wrote about Pete's first solo-concert: »On April 14, 1974 (Easter Sunday), Townshend played a solo gig-the first of his career-for the Camden Square Community Play Centre ... Meant to be a quiet afternoon's entertainment, the solo show was blown out of all proportion when the press got word of it. Townshend spent a panicky week's preparation, then came out and did a fairly casual show using electric and acoustic guitars, piano, some synthesizer tapes and the original "MY GENERATION" demo as he ran through a set that also included 'The Seeker', Jimmy Reed's 'Big Boss Man', 'Substitute' and 'Pinball Wizard.' Despite a drunken heckler, the show was well-received and Pete was surprisingly confident.« (Dave Marsh, Before I Get Old - The story of The Who, Side 442).


Gary Rhoades

The report you have is OK but it misses out the incident that occurred when Pete jumped off the stage and gave one fan a bit of a shake! This fan, probably drunk, had kept on shouting "Underture, Underture". Pete got fed up with this and after saying he couldn't play it solo eventually said shut up. He didn't, so Pete jumped off and got physical with him.
Jumped back up and continued to play. Whereupon Mr Underture's mate started shouting out "say sorry to my mate", "say sorry..." and after a bit more of this Pete barked out ,"alright sorry". Very childish ... but hilarious.

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