The Who

Fri, 14 April 1967:

Münster, Halle Münsterland


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Die Saalschlacht blieb aus

Beginn der Beatveranstaltung in der Halle Münsterland laut Plan: 20 Uhr. Auf der Bühne springen ein paar Leute herum, ansonsten ist sie leer... Continue reading
(Westfälische Nachrichten, 14-04-1967)

Brawl didn't take place

Start of the event as announced: 8.p.m. Some people jump around the stage, nobody else to be seen. Three quarters of the hall are filled with very you... Continue reading
(Westfälische Nachrichten, 17-04-1967)


Ferdinand Käther

The Who as headliners of a package tour, three other acts as warm-ups first, can't remember who they were, maybe German group The Rivets were one of those. Anyway, my first (and by far not the last, so far that was 1997 with some strewn in between) live experience with them was quite disastrous - as headliner act they let us wait for about two hours, then played - I should rather say tried to play - oh boy, how really bad they were - a terrible 15 minutes of I Can't Explain and some others, then Pete and Keith smashed their guitars and drums respectively, joining together, and left or rather stumbled off the stage - guess they were totally drunk or stoned, probably both.

And I swore to never attend a Who concert again, having seen 'em three or four times since then, with Keith, Kenney and Zak on drums, not so sure about Simon (getting older, you know) - and great it was always, except for that awful first time.

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