The Who

Thu, 18 May 1967:

Bristol, Locarno Ballroom


No known setlist


Chris Powell confirmed this date with an original copy of the local paper, The Bristol Evening Post (see show comment). There's another venue with the same date. Lothaire Lemaistre from Brussels wrote: "A good friend of mine told me he saw the Who live in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, part of the Brussels agglomeration; in 1967. I can't tell if this date is the right one, but one thing is sure, there really was a gig in Brussels in 1967. I hope this can help you in your search for the right date." Any info about the Brussels concert ist welcome.


Chris Powel

The Bristol Locarno concert was definately 18 May 1967, but this does conflict with your existing listing on that date of Brussels". It may well be that they played Brussels early that day and then returned to the U.K. I do remember The Who comming on very late that evening, and the audience was getting very restless with the delay. From where I was sitting, you could just see backstage, and it was obvious that Roger Daltrey was there from about 19.00, but the group didn't come on until 22.00. All of the group were totally stoned, and it was during the height of them smashing all of there equipment - not much remained after the hour that they played. Unfortunately with the passage of time I cannot remember the playlist, but I do know they started with My Generation.

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