The Who

Fri, 17 November 1967:

Overland Park, KS, Shawnee Mission South


I Can't Explain, Relax, Substitute, A Quick One While He's Away, Run Run Run, Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand, Sunrise, Summertime Blues, My Generation

Newspaper Review

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(KCUR 89.3, 17-12-2014)

Line Up

Attendance & Support

Support Act: The Buckinghams


Bob Shaw confirmed the show. He wrote: "The Who played at a high school-Shawnee Mission South for a dance of sorts. They opened for the Buckinghams and tickets were $2.00." Venue correction by Nate Hancock. The Who opened for "The Buckinghams". Brian Kehew confirmed the show, too. He wrote: "I found this clipping, and the librarian knew of the show (so it did happen). He says his father was there, and the Who played first, supporting the Buckinghams, and Roger berated the crowd for sitting down during their show (it was supposed to be a dance! "

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The Who in Overland Park, KS