The Who

Sat, 18 November 1967:

San Francisco, CA, Cow Palace


Substitute, Summertime Blues, Tattoo, I Can See For Miles, A Quick One While He's Away, My Generation


John Howells

I was at this show and can remember it as clearly as yesterday. It was a package show with a bunch of other bands - and it was free! All you had to do was buy an album on the MGM label at any
participating department store and you got a free ticket. The album I bought was "The Best of the Animals II". The headliners were the Association, who had a huge hit at the time ("Windy"). The show was divided into two parts, and the Who closed off the first part of the show, after which the stage had to be cleared of debris!

Here was the entire lineup in order of their appearance:

The Sunshine Company, The Animals, The Who
Sopwith Camel, The Everly Brothers, The Association

Both the Sunshine Company and Sopwith Camel did a grand total of three songs. They were probably on stage for about 15 minutes. The other acts all did about 30 minutes each.

I remember the Who did: Substitute, Summertime Blues, Tattoo, I Can See For Miles (!!!), A Quick One While He's Away, My Generation.

There may have been others, but those I clearly remember.

The show came to a strange ending with the Association playing their hit "Windy" over and over while the audience was being directed to leave. No encore, just the band playing the chorus over and over as we left. Strange!

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The Who in San Francisco, CA