The Who

Wed, 12 April 1967:

Ludwigshafen, Friedrich Ebert Halle


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I got reports, that The Who's concert in Ludwigshafen was cancelled because of a riot during the concert of John's Children. Miko Kapanen wrote, that The Who PLAYED: "In Ludwigshafen The Who DID perform (see also the Cliff McLenehan book p.13)! There was a smaller riot, with a smashed window (confirmed by that night's police report), during the JC show, and a big one during The Who appearence." He writes about photos that were taken during the Who's performance. So I decided too add the date again. After the show The Who kicked off John's Children.


Terry R Miller

I was there and can confirm that there was in fact a riot. The lead singer from John's Children smashed stage lights and the audience became quite uneasy.

When the Who started the more violent, for that time, part of their act, the audience ended up throwing chairs at the stage, and if I remember right, Pete T, threw some back. The concert seemed to have run its full length, but was quite an experience for that time.

The concert definitley was not cancelled. It is rightfully on the list as occurring.

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