The Who

Sat, 02 July 2005:

London, Hyde Park


Who Are You
Won't Get Fooled Again


Live 8 Concert 2005; new band including Simon Townshend, John Rabbit Bundrick and Steve White (Drums) and Damon Minchella (Bass), both from Paul Weller's band.

Newspaper Review

Live 8 Wish You Were ... Heroes

PINK Floyd were the biggest hit at Live 8 with Daily Mirror readers. Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour's reunion after 22 years was voted the favourite p... Continue reading
(Daily Mirror, 05-07-2005)

Concert Review: Live 8

LONDON (Hollywood Reporter) - If you want to end wars and stuff, Arlo Guthrie always said, you've gotta sing loud; and several of the finest and best-... Continue reading
(Reuters, 05-07-2005)

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