The Who

Mon, 10 June 1974:

New York, NY, Madison Square Garden


I Can't Explain
Summertime Blues
Young Man Blues
Baba O'Riley
Behind Blue Eyes
I'm A Boy
Boris The Spider
Bell Boy
Doctor Jimmy
Won't Get Fooled Again
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
Magic Bus
My Generation
Naked Eye
My Generation Blues



It was my 16th birthday for the 6/10/74 show. And the 1st time I ever was going to witness the mighty WHO! And they did not dissapoint. I read many years later they were not happy with MSG's sound for their historic four night stand, but you couldn't determine that based on the excitement and absolute delight of the crowd.

The Who performed a greatest hits type show on all 4 nights,seemingly getting wilder with each night. But out of the 4 night stand opening night and closing night were the better shows IMHO. On opening night. Roger kicked over a stack of amps into the back of the stage as the crowd roared it's approval. And they played their asses off even though after closing with "5.15" they did not return for an encore. On the 6/14 show we sat next to Edgar Winter & Rick Derringer and they were as excited about the show as we were. Again The Who ran thru their biggest hits and at the tail end of the show all hell broke loose as Townshend began smashing his Gibson Les Paul to oblivion! I recall he smashed three all together that last show, and the crowd was absolutely delirious with delight as we just were all left ecstatic, jubilant, stunned and absolutely mesmerized with we just witnessed. The shows left an indelible impression on me which lasts to this day even after seeing The Who many times.

They were the greatest show I ever witnessed and there wasn't a band in the world who could approach or even touch the performances The Who gave that week. I wouldn't have expected any less from The Who as they gave me back more than I could have ever hoped for.

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The Who in New York, NY


John Entwistle live in New York, June 1974 (sent by Philip Swanson) Roger Daltrey live in New York, June 1974 (sent by Philip Swanson) John Entwistle live in New York, June 1974 (sent by Philip Swanson)