The Who

Thu, 20 October 1966:

Copenhagen, Herlev Hallen


Heatwave, Barbara Ann, Substitute, My Generation


Excerpt from an article in New Musical Express: "Over 2,000 Danish fans screamed and yelled as they went through numbers like "Heatwave", "Barbara Ann" and "Substitute". Pete spotted a few empty chairs in the centre of the auditorium and suggested people from the back came forward to fill them. Chaos followed as more than thousand fought to those few seats. Order was never restored and no one sat down again. It was like The Beatles all over again as the stage filled with buræe protectors ejecting fans left, right and centre. The four took no notice and stormed through "Legal Matter", and "I'm A Boy". Finally, they reached "My Generation", and Townshend tried hard to smash his new guitar through an amplifier. Hysteria prevailed even after they had returned to the dressing room."

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Attendance: 2000

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The Who in Copenhagen


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