The Who

Sat, 02 December 2006:

Boston, MA, TD Bank North Garden


I Can't Explain, The Seeker, Anyway Anyhow Anywhere, Fragments, Who Are You, Behind Blue Eyes, Sound Round, Pick Up The Peace, Endless Wire, We Got A Hit, They Made My Dream Come True, Mirror Door, Baba O'Riley, Eminence Front, A Man In A Purple Dress, Black Widow's Eyes, Mike Post Theme, You Better You Bet, My Generation, Cry If You Want, Won't Get Fooled Again, Pinball Wizard, Amazing Journey, Sparks, See Me Feel Me, Tea And Theatre

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Who offers only glimpse of rock greatness

Everybody knows The Who has dozens of great songs in its catalog.Everybody, that is, except The Who itself. You couldn’t fault much about The Who... Continue reading
(The Boston Herald, 04-12-2006)



The band was on top of their game, even though just the night before Roger's mic broke in the middle of the set. He made a comment about how he thought it was a cheap mic. The crowd was excited and enthusiastic, especially during Baba O'Riley. Townshend made a comment about how that is their best recieved song and how it belongs to the audience more than the band, but he still owns the copyright. During the new songs, many people took the opertunity to sit down or use the toilet. The band, nevertheless, seemed enthusiastic while performing the new songs, powering through them with such force that you forget that these men are in their sixties, and just listen to the sonic brilliance. Even though, Townshend still seems to be apoloigetic about the setlist containing a large amount of new material. He thanked those who had bought the new cd, and at the end of Mike Post Theme, promised in a toungue-and-cheek way, that they would play one more new song. Overall, the concert was great. I personally loved the setlist. They played some of my favorite new songs. I think some of the old ones they brought out are getting a little stale (Behind Blue Eyes), however, they play each song with such brilliance, the fact that you've heard BBE thirty million times doen't matter as much.

Scott D. MacDonald

Despite being a lifelong Who fan, and a avid bootleg collector of their live performances, I never had the opportunity to attend a Who concert until the Boston 12/2/06 show.

I must admit The Who broke ever pre-conceived notion I had about how two rock legends would come to deliver in concert.

Emerging on a sparsely set stage, mid twirling white lights, Roger, Pete and company went right for the audience's jugular with searing versions of "Can't Explain" "The Seeker" and a breathless "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere".

It seemed it was 1976 all over again with Daltrey *(looking very fit in a black t-shirt and jeans) twirling and spinning his microphone cord up, down and sideways like a wild west rodeo. Townsend's sixty plus years were virtually absent amid his swooping windmills and two-footed aerial stomps.

With re-worked versions of "Who are You" and "Eminence Front" the band stripped any aspect of pop sound out of these songs kept the raw power-cord theme of the Townsend's searing guitar the focus.

The rare gem of "Cry If You Want" from "Its Hard" is an obvious response to nay-sayers who accuse the band of playing only a "hit parade" of songs. It's performance was particularly mesmerizing with Townsend's chiming guitar thrusts and the dual vocal layering with Daltrey.

It was obvious to everyone in attendance that the influx of new songs has breathed renewed life and enthusiasm into these rock veterans.

Songs like "Fragments, Sound Round, Pick Up The Peace, Endless Wire, We Got A Hit, They Made My Dream Come True, Mirror Door, and Mike Post Theme" seemed to invigorate Daltrey and Townsend's passion for the performance. There was noting but grins and wide smiles from the two, interacting with diehard fans and each other alike.

The crowd was treated to another rare departure from the standard setlist with the inclusion of "Black Widow's Eyes" which Daltrey dubbed his "favorite" new song. He underscored his appreciation for Townsend's song writing talents with his unsolicited comment from the stage that it was "an honor to be in service of a musical genius". This genuinely caught Townsend by surprise but it would not be the last emotional moment of the night.

The backing band, and particularly Zak Starksy formed a cohesive rhythm section, with Zak a virtual dead-on for Moon's disjointed and thunderous drum style. This proved a crucial support for many of the standards such as BABA and WGFA but seemed to gel even more with the "Tommy" encore numbers.

Townsends dramatic opening guitar chords of "Pinball wizard' amid white strobe lights initiated on onslaught of 60's type jamming with "Amazing Journey" and "Sparks" in particular.

In a very unscripted moment, Townsend reached out to embrace Daltrey in a momentary hug at the end of the show which seemed to block out the entire crowd at the Boston Garden, if only for a moment.

As these two rock and roll survivors strolled off the stage, they gracefully acknowledged the onslaught of cheers from the grateful Boston crowd. It was if the new material allowed Daltrey and Townsend to be at last comfortable with their own place in rock's rich history, for the first time in a long journey, they were not playing for yesterday's glory.

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