Pete Townshend

Sat, 09 December 2006:

Chicago, IL, Martyrs


In The Ether
God Speaks Of Marty Robbins
I'm One


In The Attic featuring Pete Townshend, Rachel Fuller, Mikey Cuthbert, Simon Townshend, Joe Purdy and Alexi Murdoch. Sunrise and In The Ether performed with Rachel Fuller. I'm One perfomed by all artists of the evening.

Newspaper Review

Townshend unplugs to reconnect

Pete Townshend has been looking for clues since he turned 30 and began to wonder who stole the rebellion from rock music. In a 1975 interview with New... Continue reading
(Chicago Sun Times, 11-12-2006)

Who's the star? Clearly, Townshend

It's not often fans get to meet their musical heroes. It's more of a rarity when that hero has reached arena rock status, remaining there for decades.... Continue reading
(Chicago Tribune, 11-12-2006)

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Pete Townshend in Chicago, IL