The Who

Thu, 23 November 1967:

Muncie, IN, Lions Fair Grounds "The New Barn"


Happy Jack, Pictures Of Lily, Boris The Spider, I Can See For Miles, Shakin' All Over, A Quick One While He's Away, Summertime Blues


Show added and confirmed by Mark Sloan. Setlist not confirmed.


Mark Sloan

Just thought you might want to update your list for 1967. The Who played at the Lions Fair grounds in Muncie Indiana. I was there. Stood right in front of Townshend. You didn't know if you were going to get hit with a flying guitar or wacked with Daltrey's microphone. Of course then you had Moon's drums to worry about flying off the stage as well. For a formative youth of 14 years this was a life changing concert!

Larry Jenkins

I was there! Stage front, leaning against the stage. I was 17. Heavily into Keith Moon. So inspired by his drumming talents, my parents bought me a set of Slingerland gold pearled drums early 1967.

Suddenly the band began tearing up their equipment, Pete Townsend rammed his guitar through his amplifier, and Keith Moon started tearing up those beautiful Premier drums, knocking the bass floor drum off the riser, slinging his drum bass foot pedal right in front of my arms. In total awe, and no time to really think about it, I reached up and grabbed the foot pedal off the stage, flung it inside my coat and ran to the rear exit door of the facility.

Of course the concert was over, however, when I got to the back exit door, some security guard or who ever he was grabbed ahold of me and took the pedal back. Apparently they radioed the security guard and he was awaiting for me, a big burly dude, needless to say I did not argue.

I was very disappointed. Even though that happened 45 years ago, stories are still told of that night and the event by my friends who were there with me, whom I grew up with, worked and retired with these past few years ago.

One thing for sure, I still have the memories, the stories, the ticket, and mostly knowing that I had the opportunity to have seen my idol the Legendary Keith Moon and The Who performing "I Can See For Miles and Miles", as well as their other great songs.

It was a great concert, a great moment in time, and I shall never forget that moment.

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