The Who

Wed, 19 December 1973:

London, Edmonton Sundown


I Can't Explain, Summertime Blues, My Wife, My Generation, I Am The Sea, The Real Me, The Punk And The Godfather, I'm One, 5.15, Sea And Sand, Drowned, Bell Boy, Dr. Jimmy, Love Reign' O'er Me, Won't Get Fooled Again, Pinball Wizard, See Me Feel Me, Substitute, Magic Bus, Naked Eye, Spoonful


Date confirmed. Mark Butt wrote, that he has a (used) ticket stub for this gig which confirms the date as the 19th. He remembers John Entwistle throwing polystyrene snoballs into the audience. confirmed this show, too. Peter Thalman's setlist: I Can't Explain, Young Man Blues, Baba O'Riley, Substitute, 5:15, Drowned, Bell Boy, See Me Feel Me, Naked Eye, Let's See Action, My Generation Blues. Any help is recommended!


Peter Thalman

I came to this concert and it was really cool. I remember them crashing in to I Can't Explain. Another thing I remember is Young Man Blues and it was a really long jam with many solos but it was more of a rock version. I also remember Baba O'Riley with Pete on Tambourine and Roger on Harmonica. The next thing I remember is Substitute with a Bass Guitar Solo. I remember them going through most of Quadrophenia but what I remember is Drowned with Pete jumping up and down, and Bell Boy with Keith doing Lead Vocals. I remember See Me Feel me which got a standing obation. I remember Naked Eye being played. Another thing I remember is Let's See Action without Pete's part. I also remember My Generaton Blues.

Mc Kelvie

It was a great show! There were 15,500 people there. Before a lengthy version of My Wife, Pete's speech was: "We've been in prision all day because of the Monteral Police and I've came to the conclusion that John Entwistle is a rotten dirty criminal and I don't like him!"

There was an extreme amount of energy on The Real Me and The Punk And The Godfather. Between those two tracks Pete retuned his Guitar and his speech about the Monteral Police was: Fuck their fucking arseholes, I wish they were up on stage after seven hours in a police cell!

Before Drowned Pete's speech was: I feel fucking incredible
On Drowned Pete played an improvised Guitar solo by himself and after I while the band carried on with the rest of the song. Roger's speech before Won't Get Fooled Again was: About ten hours ago, this gig was fucking impossibile. So that's one for filth or whatever you like to call them, the police in Monteral. We're here and it's good to be here and this is for them, Won't Get Fooled Again!

John and Keith threw Polystrene Snowballs into the audience at the end of the show. It was by far the best concert I went to my whole life!

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Roger Daltrey, Edmonton Sundown December 1973 (Sent by Philip Swanson) Keith Moon, Edmonton Sundown December 1973 (Sent by Philip Swanson) Roger Daltrey, Edmonton Sundown December 1973 (Sent by Philip Swanson) John Entwistle, Roger Daltrey, Edmonton Sundown December 1973 (Sent by Philip Swanson)