Concert Info


Roger Daltrey : Vocals, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar
Simon Townshend : Guitar, Vocals
Jon Button: Bass
Scott Devours : Drums
Loren Gold : Backing Vocal, Keyboards
Frank Simes : Backing Vocal, Guitar

Attendance and Support

Support Act: Jon Fratelli


Show for the Teenage Cancer Trust. With Pete Townshend on The Acid Queen and Baba O'Riley.

Newspaper Review

Roger Daltrey performs the Who's Tommy, Royal Albert Hall, review

While Roger Daltrey’s work in organising the annual Teenage Cancer Trust concerts should never go unheralded, the most intriguing night in this ... Continue reading
(The Telegraph, 25-03-2011)
Roger Daltrey

Thu, 24 March 2011:

London, Royal Albert Hall