The Who

Sun, 08 October 1967:

Dunfermline, Kinema Ballroom


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The Who's facebook page has another date: Monday, 10 October. But October, 10th 1967 wasn't a Monday. Andy Neill and Matt Kent confirm my date (Anyway Anyhow Anywhere, p. 179). They have The Who recording and mixing at De Lane Lea on October, 10th.


Geoff Davidson

I saw The Who at Dunfermline's Kinema ballroom above date. Pete was playing the bottom half of a black 12/6 string double neck Gibson SG. It had been bought in LA during mixing of "The Who Sell Out" and was split in half soon after (Anaheim Convention Center 8th Sept). He kept bloodying his right hand fingers on the splinters. It had been walloped and sheared off at the join just above the pickups. At the Saville Theater gig of 22nd Oct it had been repaired (with incorrect slight splaying of necks. They should be parallel). In tribute I tried to make a replica of the smashed version and used an SG. Close scrutiny revealed the double diamond pearl inlays on fingerboard only found on the double neck and also the slightly longer body.

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