The Who

Sat, 01 July 2000:

Holmdel, NJ, P.N.C. Bank Arts Center


I Can't Explain
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
I Don't Know Myself
My Wife
The Seeker
Baba O'Riley
I'm One
Pinball Wizard
The Real Me
Magic Bus
Behind Blue Eyes
You Better You Bet
Who Are You
Won't Get Fooled Again

The Kids Are Alright
Let's See Action
My Generation

Newspaper Review

Woooooo-Who! The old guys bring back the glory of their youth

Think about it: A bunch of 55-year-old geezers would be performing decades-old songs of adolescent defiance, scores of which have been sold to any Mad... Continue reading
(New York Daily News, 03-07-2000)

Be The Who

It's the elder rocker's quandary. You're 50 years old, you look like 60, at times you feel like 80 - but you remember so well what it was ... Continue reading
(National Review, 08-07-2000)


Michael Drucker

The concert was AMAZING! I was so happy to see that The Who came as The Who and not as THE WHO + 15 backup artists who make it so that they don't have to play much. Five people on stage, which is all it should be - keyboardist is necessary I guess. Pete was in RARE form as he went nuts on almost every song with amazing solo's. The best part was that the solos of both John and Pete did not sound so rehearsed as they had for Quadrophenia. Another highlight was when Roger tripped over one of the stage speakers and remained there for a bit, got up and yelled at it, "Now don't do that again! At one point Pete needed to switch the cord from his guitar to the amp because it did not reach to the front of the stage as he said jokingly that he wanted to because he was "going to kill you all."

The ONLY down point was after the first or second song, Pete got really pissed off at the lighting people because they were shining the light in his eyes and he cursed them out and had them not shine the light on him which really sucked for the people who couldn't pay $150 for seats and had to use the viewing screens.

Steve Ritterbusch

Of course the concert was awesome. This is the closest to being The Who (the old four-man-band) that they have been since the 82 tour (I'm sure there are plenty who would disagree). Anyway I thought Roger's vocals were really good. Much better than on the new live CD. Pete was also singing in top form too. John sang a little in a lower key than his older days but still managed to sing my Wife with Roger really nicely.

Instrumentally these guys were just fantastic. They jammed like I haven't seen in a long time. Personally I've never seen The Who do Relay, I dont even know myself.

And I've only seen Pete do Lets See Action and The Kids are Alright. So I got to see the Who do four songs I've seen them do before so that was pretty cool.

There were a couple of mistakes. I remember one in I Dont even know myself. Also the jam in 5:15 was not the best I have seen. I believe John played it in the wrong key to which Pete made a joke about how great John was that he could play a bass lead in the wrong key, change keys in the middle then go back (as he said »from G to A and back to G and still pull it off«). It was still great of course. Pete at one time complained about the lighting at the PNC Art Center. He refered to it as weird and soulless because he could not see the audience. From his perspective it was all dark from a few feet from the stage.
All in all it was a great concert. It was worth the two hour drive from Long Island. I'll be seeing them again at Jones beach this Sunday in Long Island. The Who certainly are playing small places these days. Whatever the reason, I feel the shows are benefitted by the smallness of the places. I am truly looking forward to seeing them again this week and I hope they play a few more times in New York.


Here are some tidbits about the show. Pete was quite irritated by the camera crew that was shooting footage to be projected on the two video screens on either side of the stage. Apparently they need extra lights, aside from the normal spotlights and stage lighting. Pete insisted they "turn the fucking things off" and from that point on they turned off the extra camera light on him and his image was quite dark on the video screens. At one point he threw water on one of the video guys who was shooting him from behind the amps. From that point on this camera guy hid out behind Zak's drumkit. Roger played acoustic on Kids Are Alright. Pete said he spoke to Eddie Vedder about the tragedy at the Pearl Jam concert that had happened the day before.

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