The Who

Wed, 13 October 1976:

Portland, OR, Memorial Coliseum


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Jeff Williams

Well, I missed out on the March 24th show earlier in the spring and was furious about that - tickets being sold out and what have you. My brother went, which just made me even madder. Thus, when tickets became available for the October show, I didn't waste a second. I bought them at the ticket counter at Meier and Frank (they're still at the mall, but the ticket counter is long since gone).

(Minor report from March: Roger had the flu and they played somewhat of a shortened and subdued, if that could ever be, set. Roger wore his fringe jacket per normal in the spring tour. I have a few photos a friend of mine took from that show.)

The opening band was Mother's Finest, who were unremarkable, as history has certainly shown. The wait seemed like an eternity. I never saw so many pot smoking drunken rowdy people in all my life. Either before the first band or between bands the barrier broke in the center, and people were sucked into it. What happened in Cincinnati, on account of how freakin' ROWDY Who fans were (now middle aged and freakin' showin' it! Doh!), comes as no surprise to me. The sheer level of whisky drinkin' and pot smokin' was stunning. A free for all! Security dared not venture onto the inner sanctum of the floor - You literally would be off of your feet being moved. A completely different experience from the Ice Cream and Cake experience of modern Who shows, good tho they may be.

We waited in line all afternoon - I got outta school at 1 p.m. And when you're fifteen, the wait seems like forever. When we got in, it was a mad dash for the floor, followed by about five hours of waiting - you can do that when you're fifteen. Now I wouldn't wait for the second coming.

All I remember was that I was directly in front of Entwistle, and during a song break a lot of us were shouting "Quadrophenia! Quadrophenia!". Apparently SOME of us wanted to hear all of that stuff live, rather than their fairly disappointing most recent effort, Who By Numbers. They played at a tortuous, ear splitting volume. I remember See Me Feel Me, Summertime Blues, WGFA, Shakin' all Over, and Baba O'Reilly mostly. They played as if their lives depended on it. A MUCH more intense experience. And the Who fans were so rowdy. My buddy Jim Greve has a pic. from back up in the nosebleeds, with 12,666 fans pumping their fists in the air in unison. Quite heady stuff for a 15 year old! Moon Jumped up on the drums and over them. He was wearing baseball trowsers. I've got a great pic. of that... My buddy Scott said, on the Coliseum floor that night, "Keith Moon is - well - chubby!". We thought that was a bit amusing. Little did we know.......

I remember afterwards being completely deaf for three days, totally buzzed by the experience, stopping by the 7 Eleven right by my house (and now by my new house!) getting a 32 Oz Big Gulp and downing it, I was so thirsty! What a show! They only did five more shows and Kaput! My timing was impeccable. Rule #1: If the original lineup of yer favorite band is coming to town, GO SEE THEM! Other notable Last EVER tours for me include: Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, the Dead (not that I'd boast about that!).

Jeff Bushor

I was a 17 year old senior in high school when I attended this concert. I had just gotten out of the hospital 3 days earlier when my 26 year old buddy Craig called and asked if Ii wanted to go to the concert. I had to beg my Mom and Dad and they relented.

The show blew me away! Especially the green laser light show during "Won't Get Fooled Again". The Colisuem just rocked! Also during the show the two girls in front of us kept nosing back toward us and finally were almost on top of us when one of them offered a joint to smoke. Great Girls!! One of the best memories from my teen years!

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