The Who

Tue, 03 August 1971:

Philadelphia, PA, Spectrum


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John Dunkerley

I have a report for the Who concert from August 3,1971. This date is correct, to start with. But it was an interesting show. My uncle was there, Ed Dunkerley (I was too young, only 4 1/2 months old)! He said they gave out free copies of 'Who's Next' to each person going in, they had big stacks piled up of them. Also, first song in (he didn't say what song, possibly 'Pinball Wizard'), Pete broke all of his strings! So what did Pete do? Well, he climbed up on top of his stack, and proceeded to string up his guitar, while the other 3 proceeded to do comedy skits! Unfortunately, no details on songs, too many years, and too many concerts for him, and the Who weren't his favorite band (the Stones are), although he likes them too. Just thought I'd share this info with you. Thanks a lot.

Steve Scarpello

I was there. The only thing that really happened at that show was that Pete broke the pickup selector switch on his SG and the guitar went silent in all but 1 position of the selector. He ripped the guitar off and was handed a second one to use. During the end of the show, Pete was given back the broken guitar and at the end of the show he destroyed it!!

I saw the Who 11 times and that was the only time I ever saw him break an SG in Half. The body was busted up real good and the neck made it into the crowd. I was lucky enough to talk to the guy who was holding it after the show and he let me just hold the neck with all the strings hanging from it. I didn't have the heart to run with it so I gave it back. I later (Years) met a guy who had a red piece of mahagony SG body in his wallet that came from that guitar!

That show was a memory I will always have!! It was also my cousin's birthday! It was probably the best Who show I was ever at!

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