The Who

Thu, 04 December 1975:

Chicago, IL, Stadium


I Can't Explain
Squeeze Box
Baba O'Riley
My Wife
Behind Blue Eyes
Dreaming From The Waist
Magic Bus
Amazing Journey
The Acid Queen
Fiddle About
Pinball Wizard
I'm Free
Tommy's Holiday Camp
We're Not Gonna Take It
Summertime Blues
My Generation
Join Together
My Generation Blues
Won't Get Fooled Again



Correction by Bill Hamblin who was at both shows! So I changed the set-lists (see 5.12.1975).


Mark Sturr

The funny thing is I went to the concert 12/4/1975 with $10 in my pocket and no ticket. It was 3 days before my birthday, I was going to be 17 on the seventh. All of my friends had already bought tickets and it was a sellout. I was walking around outside the Stadium looking for some ticket scalpers. I remember a couple coming over to me asking if I wanted a lower level ticket for $10. Tickets were $9.50 so that sounded ok. Just as I was about to make the transaction a guy walked up and said "I'll sell you a main floor seat for $10." That sounded allot better. I handed the guy a $5, he handed me the ticket, and as I was about to give him the other $5 two policemen walked up and told the guy he was under arrest for scalping tickets. I don't think the cops even got all of the words out of their mouths and I took off running with the ticket (and only paid $5!). I hurried to an entrance, gave my ticket to the usher at the turnstyle, and was going to follow the crowd when the usher said "Don't go that way, your seat is this way." He pointed toward an aisle nobody was going to. I walked down the hall and I was right by the stage. My seat was in the 5th row dead center! What a great Birthday present! I was in total awe as Roger's microphone whizzed by my head throughout the night.

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Ticket, 4.12.1975 Ticket, 4.12.1975 Ticket, 4-12-1975 (© Mark Sturr)