The Who

Mon, 15 December 1975:

Philadelphia, PA, Spectrum


I Can't Explain
My Wife
Baba O'Riley
Squeeze Box
Behind Blue Eyes
Dreaming From The Waist
Boris The Spider
Magic Bus
Amazing Journey
The Acid Queen
Fiddle About
Pinball Wizard
I'm Free
Tommy's Holiday Camp
We're Not Gonna Take It
Summertime Blues
My Generation
Join Together
Won't Get Fooled Again


Richard Cohn

Pete smashed two - one at the end of baba (early in the show--3rd or 4th song it think) -- it took everyone by surprise -- "WHOA" from the crowd. The other at the end when they all smashed everything (except entwhistle's bass) -- ad nauseum smashing (after dispatching his guitar Townshend went to
work on his hi watt stacks, Moon destroyed his entire set, hurling pieces of it into the first few rows as he went, even Daltry pounded his mic into the stage floor) ending with just a loud buzzzzzzzzzzzzz when they were done. At that point they all stood together front and center panting
sweating and glaring out at the rabidly cheering crowd (we cheered -- I can remember my throat being completely raw and my hands being sore from pounding them together -- for about 15 minutes after they'd left the stage, even though it was obvious there'd be no encore!).

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The Who in Philadelphia, PA