The Who

Fri, 29 October 1982:

Los Angeles, CA, Memorial Coliseum


My Generation
I Can't Explain
Sister Disco
The Quiet One
It's Hard
Eminence Front
Behind Blue Eyes
Baba O'Riley
I Can See For Miles
Cry If You Want
Who Are You
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
Love Reign O'er Me
Long Live Rock
Won't Get Fooled Again

Magic Bus
Naked Eye
Summertime Blues
Twist And Shout


Ciaran S. Kelly

The opening band was called T-Bone Burnette, then the loud speakers system played the entire LP of "The Best of the Doors." The Clash played for 45 minutes, and impressed no one I am sorry to say. The loud speakers then played "Are You Experienced" Jimi Hendrix's first LP all the way through.

The Who came on to a roar from 95,000 (The Who's Last LP linear notes are incorrect about the crowd size) in the audience.

Most were well behaved, but a hell of a lot of people threw their shoes onto the stage. For us in the front rows, we were delighted when Pete dedicated Long Live Rock to "It takes a real man to be in the front rows of a Who concert."

I partucularly remember the crowd really going nuts over "Love Reign O'er Me" and "Behind Blue Eyes."

Show lasted 2 hrs 45 minutes and had a great firworks show afterward. Super picnics were held before and after the show by the crowd. LA Police reports not a single arrest at the event.

Steve Ruddell

This one I'm sorry to report was just "mailed in" by the band. I had seen shows before and since. This one just didn't have the magic of other shows. Check out "Who's Last" if you don't believe me.

The one tune that stood out was "Tattoo". It was the only time I have ever heard that one.

The Clash did impress me. I had seen them in 1981 do a full show. The only problem with The Clash was the shortness of their set.

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The Who in Los Angeles, CA


Ticket, 29.10.1982