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Roger Daltrey : Harmonica, Guitar, Vocals
John Entwistle : Vocals, Bass
Kenney Jones : Drums
Pete Townshend : Vocals, Guitar
Tim Gorman: Keyboards, Piano

Record and DVD

The Who

Tue, 30 November 1982:

Birmingham, AL, Civic Arena



Mike Portera

I was at this show - was the event of my lifetime, at that time and age(14). The seats on our tickets had been replaced by sound equipment so we were "upgraded" to the 15th row. About 10 ft away was the penalty box (this was in a hockey arena) so I snuck over to it and watched the whole show - a clear view over everyone's head! The band was in wonderful form - opening with a surprise "My Generation". The set list here is exactly what I remember.

Two things: At the end of "Twist And Shout" a row of audience members up front each held up one letter which collectively spelled out "SMASH IT PETE". I lost my breath as he lifted it above his head and smacked it on the stage!

Also, right before "Tattoo", Roger introduces the song by saying "The last time the 'oo played here was 1967, 2nd on the bill, wiv 'erman's 'ermits. This was a song off our album at the time called TATTOO".

Your site doesn't list this Birmingham Al 1967 gig, right around the Jackson, MS gig, nor the following show in Montgomery, Al. The Blues Magoos should have been on these bills as well, and the rumor is that they ended up doing TWO shows that day in Birmingham -afternoon and evening. There are a few references online to these gigs as well as an anecdote from the "MOON" biography, of Keith loading up on widely available cherry bombs while in Birmingham.