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Roger Daltrey : Harmonica, Vocals, Guitar
Pete Townshend : Vocals, Guitar
John Bundrick : Keyboards, Piano
Pino Palladino : Bass
Zak Starkey : Drums
Simon Townshend : Backing Vocal, Guitar


Love Reign O'er Me started twice.

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Newspaper Review

People try to put 'em down

"You're going to be hit by a sledgehammer tonight." That was the warning from You Am I frontman Tim Rogers, at the end of the band's warm... Continue reading
(The Age, 01-08-2004)

Guess Who's still rockin'

"I HOPE I die before I get old," might be one of the most famous lines in rock history, but thousands of fans last night were thrilled that ... Continue reading
(The Herald Sun, 01-08-2004)