The Who

Sat, 10 October 1970:

Brighton, Sussex University


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Patrick Heren

I was at the Sussex University gig on 10th October 1970. The social secretary had blown the entire annual budget booking The Who, I think for £3000. He tried to recoup this by selling 2000 tickets at £2 a piece. Trouble was, there was no real auditorium on campus, and the largest room held only 600. Also, there was no stage, and one had to be improvised using seminar tables. There was a mad scheme to pipe the music to other rooms, but of course no one was going to put up with this, and so 2000 people crowded into a room for 600.

The Who were fantastic, and though it was hard to move, the crowd had a great time. The high point of the show came when they were doing My Generation: Pete Townshend was jumping up and down, and all of a sudden there was a great KEERRRRRANNGG and a lot of feedback: he had gone straight through the table. The band didn't miss a beat (Keith Moon probably didn't notice) and Towshend finished the song standing in the hole in the table. Great gig.

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