The Who

Fri, 14 February 1969:

Coventry, Lanchester College


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Robert Goodhand

Nobody ever gets this quite right. (it's either in Lancaster or it's a Tech College). This was more the Who I wanted to see. It was a low stage set in the middle of the long wall of a rectangular hall so basically the band were in there with a beer swilling students crowded round.

It was a viscious set with long instrumentals clearly a foretaste of "Live at Leeds". They were trying out material from Tommy. But when Pete Townshend announced that this project would become their complete stage act I had this flash image of the Who turning into a permanent cabaret act peddling the same material (which is what they alays wanted to avoid).

The marshall speakers definitely looked the worse for wear by now with several holes in the fabric. By now I was at Rugby Tech College and persuaded a couple of dubious students to come with me. They became instant converts.

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The Who in Coventry