The Who

Sun, 27 April 1969:

Dunfermline, Kinema Ballroom


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John M. Millar

I was at this performance. I had a beer with all four members of The Who in the bar beforehand. They played most of Tommy as well as all the major hits: I'm A Boy, I Can See For Miles, Pictures Of Lily, Happy Jack. Townshend demolished a Rickenbacker at the end of the performance and Moon put his foot through the bass drum. Support band was called "The Shadettes" a local band from Burntisland/Dunfermline/Cowdenbeath who shortly thereafter renamed themselves as "Nazareth" and became minor heavy metal celebrities in their own right. Lineup at the time include Darrell Sweet (who died about a year ago) and Manny Charlton. Roger Daltrey drove away from the venue in a Corvette Stingray with custom exhaust pipes down the side - at that time completely unseen outside the US.

Geoff Davidson

Correction to John M Millar report. It was a cherry Gibson 335 /345 semi that got whacked during last number My Generation. I know this as a section of the neck landed at my feet! PT had been 'eyeing up' the trueness of neck all night and I figured its days (minutes) were numbered. It suffered every abuse like being thrust through the stage ceiling tiles and roaring like propellor driven plane. Glorious and unforgettable (obviously lol!).

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