The Who

Fri, 01 March 1968:

Vancouver, BC, Agrodome


I Can't Explain
Summertime Blues
Boris The Spider
Little Billy
Fortune Teller
Happy Jack
I'm A Boy
A Quick One While He's Away
My Generation


Mike Griffiths confirmed the show and sent the setlist. Gordon Watson confirmed the Agrodome as the venue.


Mike Griffiths

In 1968, they played Vancouver again and I was at this show. I would guess this is the 1.3.1968 date, which you have listed. It was at the larger Garden Auditorium, which is right next door to the Agrodome on the Pacific National Exhibition fair grounds. The opening acts were Tom Northcott (solo) and the Hydro Electric Streetcar, both local Vancouver acts.

Gordon Watson

Your informant is wrong. This show took place in the Agrodome (capacity about 5,000), not in the Garden Auditorium (capacity about 1,000) as he claims. I was there.

Phenomenal show; Townshend climaxed "My Generation" by hurling his guitar off stage right and an amazing photo appeared in the Vancouver Sun (the biggest local paper) the next day of an airborne Stratocaster with the band watching from below, Pete with his arm outstretched like a pitcher. The Agrodome had terrible echoey acoustics but was the biggest venue in town at the time-- playing at the volume they did, the Who was able to turn the bad sound to their advantage, creating a swirling, echoing fury of ferocious sound.

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