The Who

Sun, 31 March 1968:

Washington, D.C., Constitution Hall


Pictures Of Lily
Happy Jack
Summertime Blues
Shakin' All Over
Little Billy
A Quick One While He's Away
Boris The Spider
I'm A Boy
My Generation


Thanks to Patricia Marx für the info and setlist!


Patricia Marx

Supporting Acts: Beacon Street Union, Orpheus, The Troggs.

It was 10:30 p.m when The Who came on and they played for exactly an hour. "Little Billy" was commissioned by the American Cancer Society Pete said and he said it was meant to discourage youngsters from smoking. At the end of the song the cigarette smokers in the audience threw their packets of cigarettes onto the stage and Pete joked, "Well it looks like we got someone to stop." Before they played "My Generation" Pete changed guitars and that guitar shattered into a million pieces when he smashed it. At the end they were mobbed by the fans. It was a great concert and they were in a very good mood.

I was there sitting in the middle of the floor in row H, fairly close to the stage.

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The Who in Washington, D.C.