The Who

Sun, 16 August 1964:

Blackpool, Opera House


No known setlist


Syd Bloom

I attended this gig at which they supported The Beatles, The Kinks (I think) plus Adrienne Posta(!) and, memorably, spoke to Pete Townshend in the car park on Leopold Grove (behind the Opera House complex) after the gig. However, the point I wanted to make is that unless my memory is playing tricks, I could have sworn that they were still operating under the name "The High Numbers" at that stage, with an iamge and an act that was a cross between mods and the Beach Boys. The next I personally saw of them was on TV on the Ready Steady Go show where they performed their "I can't explain" release but definitely under the name of The Who - I know because it took me a minute or two to realise that it was the band that I'd seen supporting The Beatles.

The question is - does anyone recall when exactly they changed their name, i.e. how many of the gigs admirably listed in the guide were performed under their original monicker?

Trudy Smith

They were definitely performing under their former name, The High Numbers. I think that they were the last act in the first half. Don't know when they changed their name, though. They were sensational!

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