The Who

Copenhagen, 25.08.1972

Disc 1:

I Can't Explain (02:34)
Summertime Blues (03:43)
My Wife (08:22)
Baba O'Riley (05:46)
Behind Blue Eyes (04:49)
Bargain (09:25)
Won't Get Fooled Again (08:52)
Magic Bus (12:41)
Relay (06:29)
Pinball Wizard (02:48)
See Me Feel Me (05:49)

Disc 2:

My Generation (03:57)
However Much I Booze [Early version of However Much I Booze.] (03:39)
Naked Eye (07:29)
Long Live Rock [cut.] (01:38)

Record Info

CD Cover Copenhagen #2


A Long Live Rock-Download. However Much I Booze is an early version of The Who By Numbers song called There Ain't No Way Out.

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