Pete Townshend

The Secret Policeman's Ball - The Music

Side 1:

Pinball Wizard (03:17)
Drowned (04:25)

Side 2:

Won't Get Fooled Again [With John Williams] (06:08)

Record Info



Won't get Fooled Again performed with John Williams. Songs on the record: Side 1: Pinball Wizard (Pete Townshend) 3:17; Drowned (Pete Townshend) 4:25; 1967 (So Long Ago) (Tom Robinson) 3:22; Glad to Be Gay (Tom Robinson) 4:30, Side 2: Spontaneous (Neil Innes) 4:10; Cavatina (John Williams) 4:07; Bach - Bourree (From 3rd Cello Suite) (John Williams) 3:28; Won't Get Fooled Again (Pete Townshend & John Williams) 6:08

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